Generous for Charities

How do we sign up for Generous for Charity?

To sign up for Generous for Charity please go to –

Then > Create an account > Follow the prompts > Verify your account > Provide additional organisation information… Our team will then be in contact with you to complete the onboarding & setup.

Who can we talk to for more assistance?

Please contact our Generous Charities customer sales team. They will be able to help you with your wider organisation needs. Contact them here.

Is there an onboarding fee?

No. There is no onboarding or sign-up fee.

Sometimes, however, for a small fee our customers require further assistance in the set-up of campaigns, migration services and API development. For more information please talk with our sales team.

How much does it cost?

If you’re a new start-up charity or a large established not-for-profit Generous for Charity helps you find the best price point.

Get started with a $0 dollar start-up package which includes a little higher merchant and processing fees (TIP: invite your donors to cover the fee) to an all in one (“Give me the lot”) package including financial, email and CRM integrations included and very low transaction fees for $3600 per year.

Our customer sales team will help you find the best price point for your needs. See our Generous for Charities pricing table here.

How can we fund our use of Generous?

Generous gives you the ability to ask donors to cover the cost of the processing fee. Many will gladly do this. In effect, making the donation 100% payable to the campaign.

How many campaigns can we run?

There is no limit.

Plus, your campaign can be used on multiple web pages and multiple websites.

How secure is Generous?

Generous is secure. The platform is backed-up by over 30 specialised software and support staff here in Australia and the USA. It is PCI compliant, including having all financial Credit/Debit Card and Account data tokenised, via 256 Bit TSL/SSL and is hosted at our Tier 1 facilities at the Primus Commander Data Centre. You can read more here

What software integration does Generous for Charities provide?

Currently we integrate with Xero and Quickbooks online accounting services, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and SalesForce CRM. We also have a number of other integrations on the go so let us know what you are using to discuss whether Generous can support your needs.

Can you help us with our customer database?

Yes. Generous for Charities integrates with many of the latest Customer Relationship Management or ‘CRM’ databases. We can help with integration, data migration or even help recommend a suitable solution for your current and future needs. Our team just love to help charities thrive and adapt to the ever changing technology space. Contact our customer sales team here.

We are a current customer. How do we get support?

You are our priority. Please call us on 1300-077-778 during AEDT 9.00AM-5.00PM. Or fill out the Support Request Form to contact our Technical Support Team or Accounts Team.