Generous Users

I am a new user. Where can I find help?

If you are using the App, Text to Give or WebOnline web giving console on your church website you can find some Generous user help here.

Please contact your church Administrator directly for all church specific matters like church funds, campaigns, errors, events, ticketing, user account details, etc, You can find their contact details on your church website.

Generous for Churches

Why did you create Generous?

Our team has created the most powerful giving platform ever made for Australian churches – and we’re pretty proud of that.

Its well built, supported and packed full of features.

That’s where it begins. We’re so passionate about helping the local church make a lasting difference that we’re focused on making it stand out around the globe.

We’ve priced Generous to be in reach of every church no matter how big or small. For us its not about shareholders rather stakeholders – the men and women who have devoted their lives to serving God and needing his grace and provision.

With all this in mind take advantage of a great tool for a growing and life-giving Kingdom.

Our congregation already gives electronically. Why do we need Generous?

Many churches have recently undergone a ‘giving’ change. In general, regular and faithful church attenders give less in the cash offering and more with recurring direct debit into your church’s bank account. This is a great recent change!

Generous for Churches is not principally focused on this group of people.

Generous for Churches is a wonderful tool which exists to help your church engage the growing number of ‘less frequent givers’ and ‘non givers’ to become more faithful and generous givers. This segment alone, in most Australian churches, accounts for over 70% of people.

A great question to ask is “How are we going to capture this growing segment?” and help grow their generosity to the work of the Lord?

Does Generous for Churches come with a mobile App?

Yes. You can download the free Generous IOS App from the App Store or the Android App from the Play Store. The App makes it easy for church members to setup their account, regular giving and giving to multiple funds in an easy ‘one view’ process – taking the complexity away from the giving moment.

How does Generous compare with other products?

We think that Generous for Churches is pretty good. In fact, we are continually working hard to enhance Generous with the latest features and integrations that will make it joy to use.

Compare Generous with PushPay and here.


How secure is Generous?

Generous is secure. The platform is backed-up by over 30 specialised software and support staff here in Australia and the USA. It is PCI compliant, including having all financial Credit/Debit Card and Account data tokenised, via 256 Bit TSL/SSL and is hosted at our Tier 1 facilities at the Primus Commander Data Centre. You can read more here

Can we customise the look & feel of the App & website widget?

Yes. We want you to be in control. We want your church to be the hero and not the Generous platform. So we provide you with palette and logo controls in your Admin Console which enable you to brand the App and website widget to your church’s look.

Does Generous integrate with church management systems? We use Elvanto.

Yes, Generous for Churches integrates with Elvanto, Ucare, FellowshipOne and over 12 other Church Management Systems (ChMS). And we’re always building added features into these integrations. See more here.

Does Generous integrate with our finance software?

Generous has recently placed integration with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB on its advanced feature development roadmap. Please contact our sales team for further information.

We are a current customer. How do we get support?

You are our priority. Please call us on 1300-077-778 during AEDT 9.00AM-5.00PM. Or fill out the Support Request Form to contact our Technical Support Team or Accounts Team.

Getting Started

How much does it cost?

The Generous for Churches giving platform subscription costs AUD $15.00 per month, plus a very low per transaction fee. That’s it.

There are no long term contracts, no up-front fees, no PCI or security fees, no deposit or transfer fees and no hidden fees of any kind.

The transaction fees are,

  • VISA / MasterCard Credit/Debit card transactions: 2% + 0.30 per transaction
  • AMEX (& International) card transactions: 3.5% + 0.30 per transaction
  • Text to Register ticket fee: Free = $0 fee (where it’s a free event), for a ticket fee between $1-$20 = 30 cents, >$20-$50 = 50 cents and >$50 =$2.

The Generous platform even provides you the option for givers to cover these transaction costs in effect making the cost to your church only $15 per month.

We are a pioneer church. Can you help us?

Yes! We are happy to help churches of every size including smaller pioneer churches.

We can provide them a FREE $0 monthly charge.

The difference is, pioneer churches will not have their own dedicated church mobile phone number (rather a shared number) for the Text to Give option. Your members will just need to take one or two extra steps to identify their church.

Does our Church have to sign up to a long term contract?

Generous for Churches is based on a opted-in, opt-out monthly pay as you go with standard Terms & Conditions. So there are no long-term binding contracts or hefty exit fees. We make it easy for you.

What do I need to consider before I get started?

A few things are important to consider to get started.

  • First of all you need to be a legal registered entity (organisation)
  • You will need authority to assign your organisations bank account (s) to created Funds in Generous – this will require access to your Bank Account for payment verification
  • Your Primary Contact details including an email address, mobile phone number and address
  • Sign up here

Onboarding requirements

As part of our Onboarding service we will need to spend 4 sessions with you and your team. Be sure to have the following

  • Access to a PC or MAC with a webcam and microphone
  • Install ZOOM, a free web video conferencing app found here

Staff and team participation

For a successful launch of Generous we invite the following people to participate in the Onboarding and Coaching sessions.

  • The primary responsible person (1 session)
  • Church finance manager / treasurer (1 session)
  • Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor (Platform Leader) (1 coaching session)
  • Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor (Platform Leader) (1 feedback session)
How quickly can we get started with Generous?

Once you sign-up with Generous we can begin the platform set-up and onboarding quite quickly.

However, there are some critical steps to make the implementation of Generous a success in your church. Some of the steps you may need to consider are…

  • Is our church contact data vetted and clean for import?
  • How many Campuses, Funds and Accounts are required?
  • Have we verified the bank accounts for Fund set-up?
  • Are we integrating with a Church Management System (ChMS)? What accounts are required? And,
  • How can we best launch with a planned strategy to communicate to members effectively?

For a good outcome we would recommend you give you and your team time to launch well. Six to eight weeks is a standard time period. We will work with you to configure the Generous platform, train you and your finance team how to get the best from the dashboard and system and provide quality church communication coaching for your leadership and platform.

With any technology the greatest point of failure is often not the product rather the implementation. And our friendly onboarding and coaching team will walk with you to help you implement well.

We are ready to go. How do we sign up?

Ok so you’re ready to go? The Generous Platform is a great finance and payment service that requires Terms and Conditions agreement prior to activation. We want to welcome you on board.

Please follow the following URL –