Fundraising hacks to boost your donations

9 August 2021

Fundraising can be an exhausting process, and sometimes there are so many things to look at that it becomes overwhelming. 

Worry not! There are multiple ways to connect with your donors to help you get closer to your donation goals.

1 – Identify a main character.

We recommend using a main character for the face of the donation, having an identifiable main character for your donation helps people relate more to the charity on a personal level and helps create a stronger connection with the cause as opposed to using blank marketing. 

Using an identifiable main character is a great fundraising technique as it shows your donors exactly who their money benefits, reminding them how important their donation is as it helps change lives. 

If you identify a main character it is also important to build a strong storyline around them so your donors can connect with them on an emotional level to secure more donations.

2 – Do not overwhelm them, with information

Often people tend to overload potential donors with information that can have two negative effects. The first is that the donor can be left feeling confused, secondly it can lead to them feeling alienated from the cause. 

We recommend wording your content as simply and precisely as possible so that no meaning is lost and that it covers all the important information in the shortest way possible. Focus on one thing at a time or try to organise it in a way that is not too much for potential donors. You want to convey your message so it is easy to understand and as engaging as possible. 

3 – Goal proximity

Providing a goal tracker has proved incredibly successful for increasing donations. By setting a goal, your donors can clearly see how much money you need to make big changes. The closer you get to your goal, the clearer the impact their donation will make, making them more inclined to contribute. 

Make sure if you’re going to display a goal that you have a live tracker to create excitement for donors as they can see their contributions straight away and can keep an eye out to see how your campaign is tracking. Also, continue to remind donors on social media or via email about how much time you have left to achieve your goal to encourage them to continue to donate to help you cross the finish line.

4 – Offer more donor options to give

Give donors different options to give, to avoid losing potential donations. By providing an online giving form that supports Credit Card, Direct Debit, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay helps give donors flexibility when donating so they can pick the method that works best for them. The more options you provide, the easier it will be for your donors, improving their user experience and making them more likely to become recurring donors.

5 – Retain donors

The easiest way to retain your donors is by making sure they are also sent immediate thank you messages as it reminds them how important their donation really is to your organisation. Also, send information about your fundraising, tell them how you went and if the campaign was a success or not. Inform them to make them feel part of the fundraising to keep them engaged, so there is more potential for them to come back. 

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