The Generous team are excited to announce that former CityLife Senior Pastor Mark Conner has joined the Generous Leadership Insights team and will be sharing some financial leadership gems during our monthly online webinars (see webinars).

The son of bible teacher and theologian Kevin Conner, Mark served for over 25 years as Senior Pastor at CityLife Church Melbourne, one of Australia’s liveliest and largest church communities.

His broad practical experience and solid biblical perspective mixed with passion for seeing churches thrive inspire all those who hear him speak.

He has modelled, taught and lead thousands of people through personal and corporate financial disciplines. He’s passionate about sharing his insight into healthy and effective church leadership and culture.

Mark will help your church grow. He is a great communicator. He is passionate about Jesus and he loves to help leaders lead better.

Make sure not to miss his upcoming webinar. Something that every church, big and small needs more of – faithful and generous givers.