Case Study: Text to Give and Live Campaign Display

20 January 2021

Generous and Grace City Church

Grace City Church is an Anglican church in Green Square, Sydney, NSW.   Their aim is to make disciples of Jesus to the Glory of God in the Sydney city south region of Alexandria, Zetland, Waterloo, Rosebery and Beaconsfield.  You can find them every Sunday at 9am, 11am & 6pm at 937 Bourke St, Waterloo.

With the Generous suite of live event fundraising tools (‘Donation platform’, ‘Text to Give’ and ‘Live campaign display‘), Grace City Church were able to not only able to meet & bypass their fundraising target but make it a satisfying experience for all involved.


Grace City Church (GCC)  as part of their community-wide commitment for Christians to continue to be generous, held a special Sunday to raise $10,000 in a day to support two projects – the poverty reduction work  of Compassion and the indigenous youth work of Redfern’s Living Water Community Church.

The aim of the church’s fundraising campaign was for each church service to hear the ‘call for generosity’ and for their community to be able to act immediately and donate efficiently.  Critical was that the donation pages were fast and secure, and all the community was able to view the total donation progress throughout the day.

Grace City Church normally manages their giving via a US giving program, but there was no function nor feature that enabled them to not only make it easy to give, but also enable a large screen display of the campaign’s donation total progress over the course of the day, at the various church services.


The Grace City Church administrative team reached out to several online fundraising platforms, but ultimately chose the Generous platform, because Generous was deemed best able to deliver on the requirements.

Grace City Church was able to set up an on-brand page custom donation form for the ‘10K in a day’ campaign and show a campaign customised total donation progress bar.   Pastor Matt Varcoe was well satisfied with the ease of the setup ahead of the campaign, along with an attractive live-donation-display to use throughout the event.  In support of the event-based campaign Generous was able to offer the ‘Text to Give’ donation service to make it even easier to donate at an event.

Within each church service, there was dedicated time set aside for the community to respond and donate to the ‘10k in a day’ campaign, using their mobile phones – either by the Grace City Church campaign website with the Generous donation widget, or via a text of ‘GRACE 100’ (for example) to the provided mobile number.

Figure 1 – The GCC Donation Form from Generous


With the use of the Generous platform and the great work of the Church’s appeal the 10K in a Day campaign was able to raise over $13,500 in donations (+35% over target).

“There was great buzz in the room for the evening service participants to contribute to the campaign total as it climbed closer & closer towards the campaign’s target.” said Pastor Matt Varcoe.  “The Generous platform performed well as expected and we are grateful how their events tools complemented so well the Church’s approach for this ‘first-time’ event-based giving campaign”.

Paul Beeston, from Compassion remarked “Thanks for such a great platform, it worked so well and it was super encouraging to be at the church and watch people giving so generously live on the big screen.”

The impact was Grace City Church was able to further increase their giving and change more lives through the two projects of Compassion and the indigenous youth work of Redfern’s Living Water Community Church.

Figure 2 – The GCC Live Campaign Display from Generous

What is the Generous advantage?

Alongside the efficient Generous fundraising donation platform is our Australian team of fundraising specialists with experience in charity, church, and not-for-profit donor management.  Using best practices and with extensive fundraising, marketing and communications experience, the Generous team can provide a fully integrated fundraising digital environment and the advice to help your organisation maximise the reach and return of your donation campaigns.

With the Generous advantage you get to spend your time executing programs and connecting with your constituents.  We deliver the platform and the smarts for the campaigns for you so you can focus on running serving your donors and prospective donors.

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