eTapestry donation integration

With this integration, you will have all your donor data and donation information linked to your eTapestry campaigns.
Manage all your fundraising activities in one place without the tedious work of manually updating donors or donations.


Updated March 2021

Manage your contacts

With this integration you will be able to sync all your donor data directly from Generous. Connect donor gift information to track immediately their donations and have a comprehensive understanding of their contributions. You can create new donors or update returning donor details to keep data updated in real time.

  • Create new donor data
  • Update existing information

Update donation information

Track donations and have data directly from Generous for an easy understanding of your campaigns success. Keep track of your fundraising activities and new donations all in one place.

You can easily set up eTapestry integration

  1. Log into Generous and connect to eTapestry in CRM settings.
  2. Click yes if you want your donor details to be updated in eTapestry from Generous.
  3. Add your eTapestry Database ID, and API Key.

And you’ll be ready!

With this integration you can track the performance of your fundraising campaigns in one place for a seamless donation management experience.

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