Salesforce donation integration

Connect Salesforce to your Generous account for a seamless donor management experience and deliver amazing donation experiences. You can create or edit your donors, manage donations and track your fundraising performance.


Manage your contacts

This integration will allow you to sync all your donor data directly from Generous and connect it with your lists and data in salesforce. New donors registered in Generous will be updated automatically in your CRM and their donations will be tracked instantly.

  • Create new contacts
  • Update existing ones
  • Merge and sync data

Keep track of donations

Do not spend time exporting data from your fundraising platform, with Generous you can keep track of your campaigns and display data directly in salesforce. Capture donations and send them to your Salesforce account in the campaign selected to quickly view your donors activities and donations.

You can easily set up Salesforce integration

  1. Log on to Salesforce.
  2. Get your security token in salesforce
  3. Copy the security token in your Generous account

And you’ll be ready!

Save time, and effort and track the performance of your fundraising campaigns in one place using this integration.

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