Why Text to Give is a great option for fundraising

20 May 2021

Text to Give has become a game changer for many organisations as it gives donors the ability to instantly send donations via their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. 

It is the preferred modern method of giving as it is not only accessible for everyone who has a mobile device but it is also affordable and easy to use. Organisations who have started using Text to Give have improved their user experience and engagement allowing them to increase funds by encouraging regular donations.

We want to tell you all the benefits that Text to Give offers and how to use it to increase your giving in your next fundraising campaign

1. Why should your organisation enable Text to Give?

Text to Give can offer your organisation many benefits to increase giving and create a positive experience for all of your donors. Text to Give provides flexibility as donors can donate anywhere and anytime, reachability as everyone has access to a phone and shareability as it’s simple to remember and post about.

  • Flexibility

Creating a positive user experience for your donors is crucial to securing regular donations. Text to Give offers a method of giving that is quick, easy and convenient which makes donors more likely to give as they feel your organisation has gone above and beyond to make donating tailored to their busy lives.

  • Reachability

Being able to reach your donors is paramount to ensure the success of securing donations. Text to Give is the best method for fundraising when considering reachability, according to a recent statistic that revealed,  67.08% of the world’s population has a mobile device. This is compared to 59.5 % of the world’s population that has access to the internet. While not everyone necessarily has access to a smartphone, people are very likely to have a mobile phone they carry everywhere they go.  

To ensure your organisation is not limiting your reachability, enable Text to Give to help those who don’t have regular access to the internet. Some providers of Text to Give also allow organisations to send Text messages first to encourage previous donors to consider giving again. Using different methods of giving all together is the best way to ensure your organisation doesn’t miss out on potential regular givers.

  • Shareability

Text to Give is one of the most shareable methods of giving as a mobile phone number and keyword are easy to remember. Having a giving method that is easy to remember means your donors are more likely to encourage family and friends to give via word of mouth to causes close to them. 

Donors who have a positive experience using your giving method are likely to share their experience to friends and family  helping you secure new donors. 

Text to Give is not only easy to share via word of mouth but also on social media too. Create shareable content with text to give campaigns, use images and videos to explain how easy it is for them to contribute to your cause, showcase how positive the user experience is and will help people more likely to donate and share it with their friends.

2. What should your organisation use Text to Give for?

There are many different ways your organisation can use Text to Give for but these five methods are the best practices and most successful ways to benefit from this method of giving.

  • Live Events

Live Events offer the perfect environment for your organisation to benefit from using a giving method like Text to Give. Your organisation only has to display a keyword and number and your donors can simply send one message to show their support. This allows your donors to spend more time enjoying your event and raising awareness.

  • Radio & Spotify Ads

Radio and Spotify Ads are extremely popular methods of raising awareness about your organisation’s campaign but it is easy for details to be lost or forgotten. That’s why Text to Give is the easiest method to share as you can make a catchy tune or jingle to help your donors remember how to donate. Your organisation can also continue to use that same number and keyword for multiple campaigns so donors become familiar with it and it gets stuck in their head.

  • Podcasts 

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, as they are a fantastic way to inform people, your organisation can raise awareness and talk about how you plan to tackle issues. Text to Give is the perfect method of giving to share in podcasts as it is easy to subtly mention a number and a keyword. Donors then can then easily listen along while sending text donations but are not distracted by the overall message your organisation is trying to convey.

  • Tv commercials/shows

TV shows and commercials are a great way to raise awareness about your organisation’s cause but screen time is limited. Text to Give therefore is the optimal option, as all your donors have to remember is a phone number and a keyword in order to donate.

  • In brochures/ Handouts

Giving information about your organisation and how to donate is difficult as there is only so much space on the brochure, flyer or card. Text to Give is therefore easy to use as it is a space saver, leaving more room for important information you need to get across to your donors.

3. How your organisation can enable Text to Give

Enabling Text to Give for your organisation is simple there are only two steps and you can reuse the same number and keyword for multiple campaigns. The more you use your unique number and keyword the easier it will be for your donors to remember it.

  • The process

Text to Give is a very affordable method of giving for many organisations on top of other methods suchs a giving forms. So if you’re thinking of enabling Text to Give for your organisations next fundraising campaign talk to a provider. Some providers just ask for a monthly and transaction fee such as +$20/month, + 20c/text donation. 

Each provider will offer different amounts for Text to Give so it is important if your organisation is considering enabling Text to Give that you shop around or ask your current donation form provider if they also offer Text to Give.

  • Key words

Selecting your organisation’s key words is very important, make sure it is specific to your organisation and mission so it will be easy to remember while still providing a little bit of information about your organization’s goals or cause. 

Choose a keyword that is easy to remember or catchy so your donors cannot stop thinking about it and it is more likely to come up in conversation.

Technology is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of users, Text to Give is just one of the many advancements that are making fundraising easier. 

In order for your organisation to ensure an increase in giving it is best to optimise as many options available, not limiting your donors to only one method. Text to Give may not suit all your campaigns but implementing it when appropriate will help you optimise your fundraising efforts. 

Do you want to start using text to give? Check out Generous tour to find everything you need to know about enabling Text to Give for your organisation.