How technology can help your live fundraising events.

15 February 2021

For a passionate fundraiser, there is little more exciting than seeing a room full of supporters and donors catch the generous spirit for your good cause. With online donations, text to give, and instant feedback of live donations your fundraising event can go to a next level.

To help you make the most out of your next planned live fundraising event, Generous has designed, developed, tested and brought to you the online donation tools you need.  These are tools that fundraisers have asked us for and now love to see it all work together. When you have made a compelling appeal for your important cause, you need the technology that allows donors to quickly, easily, and securely make their valuable donation to your cause.

The truth is, technology is changing so much, that staying updated and on top of it all can be overwhelming.

For this reason, we at Generous bring you 5 ways in which we know technology can help you with your fundraising event. 

1. One event, multiple campaigns!

You can have one single campaign for your event. Or, you can have a big event that brings together multiple causes. 

Integrated donation widgets allow multiple campaigns to be run at the same time, so you do not have to compromise. You can display as many campaigns as you need, and let people get to know more about each of them. 

Showcase them realtime, display videos and images, show your campaign objectives.  Use technology to support your storytelling, and help your donors decide. 

Because we know everyone deserves generosity. 

2. Secure payment processing.

Being at an event, means people donating in real-time. As exciting as this is, with so many scammers around, it is hard for donors to feel safe. 

Once again technology is raising to improve the fundraiser’s job, and your donor experience. With secure payment gateways and cybersecurity processors, you can make sure your donation system is safe.  

Having a secure payment method will make your potential donors feel safe and at ease when giving. Now you both can be relaxed and have fun! 

3. Text to Give functionality.

To go the extra mile when it comes to instant payments, technology brought to us “text to give”! This functionality allows people to give in seconds. Is as simple as sending a text message.

Many people, especially the younger generations, do not carry with them credit cards, let alone cash! However, they will never lose sight of their phones. With something as easy as giving them a phone number where to text, you can encourage them real-time and increase their giving in just seconds.  

4. Live progress bar display

Reaching a goal is exciting. Sharing it real-time with a room full of donors is thrilling. 

With a dynamic campaign progress bar display, your donors will be able to see real-time the donations build, and how their contribution is helping you reach your fundraising goal. 

They are your bigger supporters, and they would love to see you getting closer to your goal by the minute. 

5. Donation Forms that are personalised for your brand

What’s the next thing after being able to donate on the spot and be part of changing lives?  Being able to share it!   People get to share the event and your progress in their social media. And what is better than doing that from your website? Having a branded donation form will ensure brand recognition and will draw more attention to you, and what is more important, your cause. 

You and your attendees will be able to share your fundraising progress and be a window for those who could not attend!   

Want to know more?

Read our recent case study of how Generous helped +35% increase in donations at a all day event.

If you need advice on the best tools for your next fundraising event let us know at Generous.

Check out the tour of the Generous online donation solution here or check out our pricing packages to get you started.